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How do I install my bell? 

Instructions are provided on the back of each bell box. For more detailed instruction, please see our installation video. The most common error we see is when initially connecting the Band. Improper attachment prevents the bell from securely mounting and can lead to parts damage. Max torque is 2Nm. In practical terms this means you should slowly tighten the Bolt until your Bell doesn’t rotate easily on your handlebar, then stop. Note that the Bell should move upon impact to help prevent damage during a crash.

How do I fix my bell or get replacement parts? 

If something is missing in your bell life—perhaps the small or large metal band included with your bell—don't worry. We have plenty of replacement parts. The most common thing we see is a Lever that is loose or missing. Though it will never lose its spring due to fatigue, Levers do get deformed. Once deformed, they have no spring and sometimes go missing. If anything about your bell isn't working, you have several options: 

  • OPTION A: Visit our parts collection and DIY your repair. 
  • OPTION B: Email to initiate our free repair process.
  • OPTION C: Visit your local dealer. Many stock parts or can order them for you. (Note that professional service rates vary.) 
How long will my bell last?

Our bicycle bells include a promise to be the best now and forever. That means we guarantee them for the life of ownership. Should you ever find your bell isn't performing as expected or would like us to make it sparkle for you, just send it back to our shop for a free factory overhaul. Note that damage resulting from a crash or other incident does not technically fall under our warranty, but repairs are usually feasible and handled as above.

How do I maintain my bell?

Here are just a couple pointers on bell care. Each is built to ring far longer than any bell you've owned before. 

  • TIP 1: When we assemble bells, we place a small amount of lubricant in the pivot. We've cycled the pivot tens of thousands of times, both dry and lubricated. The difference in wear is minor but just a drop of lube every so often is a good idea to keep your bell ringing fully.
  • TIP 2*: We use stainless steel for most of our bell parts, but the Hammer and Dome use materials chosen for sound quality that will turn color and patina over time. This process is faster in coastal regions and wet weather. A periodic wipe with a light oil will help keep any oxidation to a minimum in these environments. If at any point you want to restore some brilliance to your bell, any gentle metal polish will quickly deliver results on a Raw Dome. We like using carnauba car wax for Black, which is very gentle but cleans nicely. 
  • TIP 3: Brass is a pretty soft metal. After impacting the Dome over a length of time, the Hammer can leave a little brass mark—more obvious on the black Domes. It's just a little surface deposit of brass and can be removed using a soft rag and metal polish to lightly buff out the spot.

*Note that we changed from brass to anodized aluminum Hammers for all Spurcycle Bells starting in December 2019. Like our limited edition Chris King Bells, those that use anodized aluminum Hammers are far more resistant to oxidation and are not soft enough to leave a material deposit on Black Domes. 

Shipping questions

Domestic Shipping

All orders destined within the United States typically deliver in 3-7 business days via USPS First Class Mail. Shipping is a flat $5, though orders over $75 ship FREE.  We discourage air shipment due to its wasteful impact on the environment. Though 3-Day UPS shipping is an option if needed, this does not affect order processing time. Also, note that Ground shipping can be just as fast but much cheaper if destined nearby. We ship from Bend, OR. Here's a map with approximate transit times using UPS Ground service.

International Shipping

If there is a Stockist in your area, we suggest purchasing more locally to save time and money. Shipping charges will be based on the weight of your order and are quoted by carriers during checkout. Any applicable tax and import fees will be collected on behalf of your local government at time of delivery.

Shipping and import costs tend to be much lower using USPS but note that tracking is less reliable and transit times are longer than express carriers. There is a usual void in tracking information following export and prior to delivery—so it looks like the shipment is stuck in Los Angeles. It is not. Rather, a handoff is made to a local carrier for transit within the destination country. Depending on the carrier, there may be no tracking updates until delivery is made. USPS First Class Mail is often 2-3 weeks for international delivery, but can take over 4 weeks depending also on customs and the local carrier who will make ultimate delivery. Because delivery is not made by USPS, there is no further information we can provide but you may find it helpful to contact your local post office.

Import duties and other costs

Please note that VAT, duty, and other international import fees are the exclusive responsibility of our customer and not considered with any charges. IMPEX declarations are made as merchandise at the retail value of each item. Import cost can be significant and will vary from country to country. Regardless of carrier, expect a processing fee in addition to the actual taxes. This charge is collected by the carrier for processing taxes with local government. Online references can be helpful but please check with your local government or shipping carrier office for details. 


Warranties and returns

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase from us, you can return it. Please email for instructions, then drop your items in the mail. We’ll hook you up with new stuff or figure out another way to make things right. Of course, our warranty does not coverdamagedproducts or parts—including loose or missing Levers. 

New dealers

It is important to us that customers have an option to buy from local shops. We supply many shops across the United States and continue to expand our network of retailers around the globe. If you don't see your favorite shop among our Stockists, please email to let us know.

If you are an existing dealer with questions or would like to become a Spurcycle dealer, you can always reach us by emailing


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