We have combined our dealer and consumer stores into one. This one! Below are the critical things you need to know.


  1. The old dealer site is no longer taking orders so new account logins in this web store are being setup. (Note that dealers.spurcycle.com now directs you to this site rather than the old one.)
  2. You must complete account activation using the link that you should have received via email. (If you need a new link, please email dealers@spurcycle.com. If you've already activated, please simply login.)
  3. This combined site will provide wholesale prices only after you have logged in. Please do not place an order at retail. (Our old store did not allow you to place an order without logging in first.)
  4. You can login by clicking the user account icon at the top right of any page. (Clicking Dealer Login from the website footer takes you here for now—until everyone is used to the new procedure.)
  5. Once logged in you will see wholesale prices in RED with a strikethrough over the retail prices. (You can shop our site by browsing or use the Order Form which is linked in the footer of the website.)

If you have any trouble placing an order, please email dealers@spurcycle.com. We will resolve the issue and can enter an order for you while we work on resolution.