Installing a C-series Spurcycle Mirror

These mirrors are intended for flat bar bicycles and can be mounted on either or both sides. Equip yourself with a 2mm and 4mm hex key, then follow the simple steps below. Once you've ridden with a mirror, you'll never want to be without.

Remove Bar Plug

Remove the original bar plug from your handlebar. 

If you do not have a grip with removable bar plug, then the end of your grip must be modified or the grip replaced with a model that does allow access to the end of your handlebar. Your local bike shop will be your best resource.

Insert Expander

Insert the Spurcycle Expander assembly in place of your original bar plug and push the Mirror Arm to rest flush against your grip.

Position Mirror Arm

Rotate the Mirror Arm so it is parallel to the ground or tilted slightly upward. It is not designed to be angled more than about 20 degrees from horizontal.

Tighten Expander

Tighten the Expander Bolt by turning clockwise using a 4mm hex key. The Arm should firmly resist rotation once tightened. Still, there's no reason to "crank it down".

Adjust Mirror Angle

Final adjustment of the Mirror angle must be done while on the bike in a riding position. We suggest placing the reflected horizon at the center line of the Mirror.

Secure Mirror Angle

If needed, the Mirror angle can be further secured by tightening the Socket Set Screw using a 2mm hex key. Be careful not to overtighten though (max ~0.5Nm). The Mirror should be snug but adjust smoothly, firm enough to resist bumps in the road but easy to tune while riding.

Installation Options

Spurcycle mirrors are symmetric by design and can therefore be mounted on either or both sides of a bike. Below are some additional steps to convert a stock mirror from left-side mounting to right-side.

Loosen Set Screw

Loosen the Socket Set Screw completely. Remove and set aside.

Extract Mirror

Extract the Mirror and Socket Sleeve from the Arm and Expander assembly. This takes a little effort, because the Socket Sleeve has a small catch feature to hold it in place. Don’t be afraid to pull firmly.

Flip Arm and seat Mirror

Orient the Arm facing forward on your "other" side. (In this case, we've gone from the left side of the bike to the right side. What was the top of the Arm should now be the bottom.) Align the slot of the Socket Sleeve with the inner tab, then press in the Mirror with Socket Sleeve until it seats fully. 

Reinstall Set Screw

Reinstall the Socket Set Screw and tighten lightly using a 2mm hex key.

Now proceed through standard mounting steps above.

Other notes...

  • Effective riding with a mirror takes some getting used to. Expect to spend a half dozen rides gaining proficiency. Don't forget to maintain attention on the road ahead.

  • Keep your mirror clean of dirt and fingerprints just like you do your sunglasses.

  • Spurcycle Mirrors are designed to dislocate in case of significant impact to protect rider and product. The above process can be used to reinstall after dislocation.

  • Replacement parts are available as needed.