R35 Mirror


We believe in mirrors like we believe in bells. Ride with one for a week and you'll never again want to do without.

Our R-series is available in two mirror sizes, a 35mm and a 50mm diameter. They both provide a very similar view but the smaller mirror is more challenging to use, a tradeoff for the sake of minimal form. We consider the R35 our "pro" (vanity) mirror and the R50 our touring model.

Why ride with a mirror?

Mirrors enable a safer experience by providing a more comprehensive view of other road users. This extra awareness also extends social cohesion on group rides and can be leveraged for strategic advantage in competition. Any of these benefits alone might make a mirror worth the money. Together they will transform your riding experience.

What makes a Spurcycle mirror so good?

From the perspective of dedicated cyclists, we've given the humble bar-end mirror comprehensive R&D attention. The slim, streamlined designs from Spurcycle connect all the dots: form, function, and durability—even affordability. Like with our bells, the goal has been to make something "simply better".

Our Guaranteed for Life promise:

At Spurcycle, we believe in the lasting value of our products. That's why we stand behind everything we do with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship means that your Spurcycle bell is built to withstand the rigors of daily cycling while maintaining its clear, powerful tone. We're so confident in the value of our products, that we'll take a returnat any time. Should you ever encounter any issues, we promise to take care of any concerns with prompt service and support. Join the Spurcycle family today and experience the peace of mind that comes with products designed for a lifetime of safe, joyful cycling.

  • Materials: composite nylon with glass mirror
  • Mirror size: ⌀35mm or 50mm 
  • Weight: 31g R35 / 45g R50
  • Origin: Made in China, Guaranteed for Life
  • Fit: handlebar I.D. 14-20mm
  • Installation: instructions

R35 Mirror



Precisely designed to provide maximum utility from minimum form, whether quietly out pedaling on an open road or head-down out pedaling your training partner.


You get the same refined, quality view in two sizes, 35mm or 50mm. Your view simply appears larger in the larger mirror. Both use tempered glass to ensure optical clarity.


Smooth, secure ball & socket with adjustable tension. Universal, symmetric mounting for either or both sides of any drop bar bike. Rebuildable and guaranteed for life.