Quitting your day job and starting a business

The worst thing about business books/articles is that they often make “it” seem easy. The dogma is clear, repeated over and over, and the author speaks from a dreamland rich in money, virtue, and happiness. (Still never been there.) Don’t bother quitting your day job if you aren’t:

1. Confident in your belief and ability to overcome skepticism/criticism.

2. Confident in your willingness to work hard and accommodate a constant buzz of thought in your head.

It’ll be stress at times and optimistic excitement in others, but it’s tough to clock out. In starting a small business, don’t plan to be immediately free of the things you don’t like doing. You won’t be bootstrapped and taking flight from your day job to enjoy a previously unknown levity and freedom. Plan on simply building a day job of your own design, crafting a few fully custom parts and using some required off-the-shelf components.