An introduction to our blog

Welcome to our self-help manifesto. We've written many notes to ourselves while reviewing the mistakes made since starting our business just a couple years ago. Our intent is usually to provide an internal reminder of what we've learned and prevent future mistakes. We're going to start publishing them, because the best way to learn something is to teach it. More accurately in this instance, the best way to think through a problem or preserve any realizations is to write them down and publish them on the internet.

DISCLAIMER: Blog posts detail what we've learned from our experiences—a window in rather than a professorial episode. Our personal ah-ha moments are yours to leverage or mock. Just as hindsight is 20/20, rules are made to be broken and won't be universally applicable.  

Our “target customer” is one who has recently started or is thinking about starting a small, “lifestyle” business. It’s someone that is looking for relevant context that will help establish early efficiencies and avoid some of the misdirection that comes with doing something for the first time in an unfamiliar space. We live in San Francisco, so it sometimes seems that everyone is fueled by venture capital set upon a genius idea ready to change the lives of millions (or billions). Sorry neighbors, we aren’t talking to you. We also aren’t providing concise guidelines for the clever inventor looking to retire early after an infomercial sensation. That means we’re writing for most entrepreneurs, those starting or running a business without an exit plan.

Anyway, welcome to the backstage. It'll provide a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at Spurcycle as we jot down our thoughts—a cathartic and instructive exercise for us that we're now choosing to make public. Of course, it's a blog not a thesis. It'll be somewhat wide-ranging and without a set publication schedule. We've got a few of those tidbits collected to date that we'll get posted shortly. 

Looking forward to it.