Original Frankenbell Fundraiser

One of our company goals has always been to make less waste. This includes making durable product, but it also means reducing waste in production. A few scuffed or scratched parts are inevitable. Coatings aren't always perfect. We even try to save crumpled packaging from the recycling bin.

Frankenbells are built using parts that have a range of obvious surface or finish defects but still ring beautifully, just like their prettier relations. The surface defects vary. Often they're hard to spot, but the minor coating irregularities on black bells tend to be more conspicuous. No parts are damaged or dysfunctional. Plus Frankenbells carry our usual lifetime guarantee.

Another goal is to give back to our community and support bicycle infrastructure everywhere. We are donating 10% of all Frankenbell sales to a few non-profit organizations*. Let's make things better!


*current organizations include Bend Bikes, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Adventure Cycling Association, The League of American Bicyclists, and Los Angeles County Bike Coalition... If you know an organization doing great work that needs support, please email suggestions to 501@spurcycle.com.