Raw Lever/Hammer

Lever lost its spring? MIA? We’ve heard from a couple customers that have crashed or encountered an abusive bike rack in the city. Sometimes it isn’t obvious when or how any kind of deformation was caused. The Lever normally has a little preload bend to it prior to installation. That is, the Lever is the spring and the Pin is just a bearing surface in which to pivot. With enough force, the Lever can get deformed or even ripped from the Mount and lost. 


It’s possible to make a DIY fix of a Lever if pretty handy with some vise-grips. Note that the shape of the Lever is highly toleranced and critical, so we would suggest replacement. Lever orders now include a 3D printed plastic tool that makes installation of a new Lever quite easy.

If your bell ultimately proves too difficult to repair, it’s no problem returning to us so we can make the repair for you.